May-Aewaf Well

Technical details

Stage of progress: Project concluded

Financed project

Number of beneficiaries: 400 people

Well Depth: 60 meters





The water well that was drilled to a depth of 60 meters was inaugurated on December 18, 2011 in May-Aewaf, Saesie Tsaeda Emba Woreda, Tigray Regional State, Ethiopia”. The well will satisfy the portable water needs of about 400 people who live in the village and the surrounding area.

The well is operated via a hand pump to allow easy maintenance. The beneficiary families are a part of a primarily rural community, and in at least of these households, the woman is the primary breadwinner.

The project was financed by the Associazione Volontari l’Accoglienza (Hospitality Volunteers Association) (TO).



There are many opportunities to help others, even at home! We believe that every human being should follow their heart and be aware of being part of the world. It is said that ‘when butterflies flap their wings in Asia, they stir up a breeze in America’. Love has no boundaries. We have decided to take care of the future of children who have no opportunity to go to school, and people who find it difficult to survive due to a lack of water in poorer countries. If you want to follow the flight of this butterfly, know that is supported by love and great determination.


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