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Adigobye II school

A block of additional five classrooms for two hundred students of grades one to four and kindergarten plus eight seats latrines are desperately needed to complete the Adigobye school.

Financing rate:



€ 149.000,00
Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 600 students
Project funding: Fundable
Project deadline: October

Adigobye II school

Following the completion of the first phase of this project, funded by the Carnevali Foundation, the Butterfly’s commitment consists of implementing an additional block of five classrooms dedicated to KG and primary school students.

At Koraro, a tiny village in Hawzen district, Tigray Region, Ethiopia, the crumbling school of Adigobye used to host children of the primary school (grade one to four)  obliged to sit on the floor to follow the lessons; the secondary school students were obliged to walk fifteen kilometres per day to reach the closest school, the above causing high truancy.

Thanks to the financial support of the Carnevali Foundation, last July 2023, we could open the first part of this project that foresaw the construction of three comprehensive classrooms for the use of 400 students of the second grade, the director and secretary rooms, a library and a vast store; in addition, eight seats of latrines have been made at the disposal of boys and girls. A water well has been drilled inside the school compound, and fencing has been constructed to protect all students’ safety.

During the school opening ceremony, the Butterfly Foundation promised to look for funding for five additional classrooms and relevant latrines for two hundred primary school children and kindergarten children.

The amount requested for the turnkey construction of each classroom is equivalent to €. 27.000, while the amount of €. 14.000 is needed for the construction of an eight-seat latrine building.

It’s useless to mention the paramount importance of completing this unique project, considering that two hundred children are still obliged to follow the lessons sitting on the floor of a decrepit old building.

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