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One classroom – School at Nosy Be

A new classroom has been officially opened at the TSIKY TSARA  community school. Seventy additional students now have access to the high school courses.

Financing rate:



Level of completion: Concluded
Number of beneficiaries: 70 students
Project funding: Financed
Donor: Butterfly Foundation – Pino Venturin relatives and friends – Mario Zorzetto
Project deadline: September

One classroom – School at Nosy Be

A new classroom for seventy students has been officially opened on September 14th  2022 at the “Tsaky Tsara” Community School compound implemented by Manina Consiglio at Ampassindava, in Nosy Be Island, Madagascar.

Such a new classroom is hosting seventy students and is dedicated to the memory of  Pino Venturin by his relatives and friends.

The Butterfly Foundation has already implemented six classrooms in Nosy Be for 350 students in the primary school. (See  Ambondrona school)

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