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Donate a school bench in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, and specifically in Tigray & Afar regions, extremely dry and close to Eritrea’s borders, the rural schools, unfortunately, represent a tough challenge for the local kids, obliged to walk hours to reach crapped old schools, made of stones and without any furniture. We observed several pupils attending the lessons sat on the ground or rocks, and we wondered how they could improve their education low standard under such discomfort.

Financing rate:


€ 1.000,00


€ 4.500,00
Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 250 children
Project funding: Fundable
Donor: Butterfly Foundation-Giancarlo Salucci and Graziana Diani-
Project deadline: December

Donate a school bench in Ethiopia

The Foundation is willing to fund school benches to give these pupils living in remote areas of the Tigray region to follow the lessons comfortably.

The Foundation is willing to fund school benches to allow these pupils to follow the lessons comfortably.  We intend to involve school directors and teachers of our primary schools to directly apply them in such a small donation favouring less lucky children.


On February 19th, 2020, we could attend the delivery of 40 school benches at Sebeya school, while 25 school benches have been delivered to the primary school of Maychea

The above thanks to the contributions secured by the following donors:

Benedetto Antonietta, Forgiarini Marina, Riccardi Maria Elisa, Argan Roberto, Guzzetti Paola, Ronconi Alberto, Biaggina Steriti, Benvenuti Anna, Diani Graziana, Castagno Valentina, Ornella Rubiolo, Alessio Baietto,  Filippo Temporin, Anna Falco, Galeazzo Arrigoni.


On February 25th, 2020  additional  45 school benches have been delivered to the primary schools of Sendeda ( 2.407 s.l.m.) and 35 school benches to the school of Galewlo.

These further school benches have been funded by:

Fondazione Butterfly onlus, “Linking lives project”, Sonia Benassi, Angela Biavati, Scuola di Orago, Maurizio Zeppa, Maria Cingolani, Giuseppe Moriconi, Michele Loconte , Massimo Civitelli, Marina Simeoni, Maria Pia Mauriello, Danilo e Cynthia Costanzi, Lorenzo Grimaldi, Mercedes Benz, Mrs Loredana, Golob’s students UPTER University of Rome Italy, Paola Guzzetti, Ezio Guzzetti e Carmela Di Stefano.


The  34 school benches  requested  at the primary sxchool of Endamosa have been funded by:

Maurizio Zeppa, scuola primaria L. da Vinci ORAGO (Va), 3D scuola media L.Da Vinci ARESE (Mi), Fondazione Butterfly Onlus

together with :

Scarano family, Alfredo Della Bella, Paola Bergamo, Raffaele La Riccia, Caterina Muscio e Chiara Carbone
in memory of  Giulio Scarano

and by:
La Prima SRL
in memory of  Francesco Giannatempo


Three classrooms have been duly furnished upon the request of Araero primary school, thanks to the contribution of :

Carmen and Ezio Guzzetti, Butterfly Foundation, Adriana Moschino, Mercedes-Benz-Club. It

We intend to furnish three additional classrooms of primary and secondary rural schools of Tigray Region, following their request’s priorities.

The amount of €.1.500  will cover the requested benches’ cost and transportation for each classroom to be furnished.

For further information:

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