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Back to life in Tigray

Schools and water wells will need repairs and reconstruction to allow innocent people such as women and children to reconstruct their lives, as they are the victims, with no responsibility for a war that is as non-sense, as any other war in the world. The donation of €.4.850 will allow for rehabilitating a dry or destroyed water well.

Financing rate:


€ 32.000,00


€ 50.000,00
Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: Thousands of people
Project funding: Fundable
Donor: Butterfly Foundation – “Una scuola per Martina” Association – Marinella Colombo – Daniela Rossi – Riccardo Valzorio – Manuela e Luigi Bicego – Marinella Colombo – Giuseppina Formentin – Annamaria Genek-Rossella Fracalanza- Mario Zorzetto – Alberto Penati -Nabyl Belgrade – Edoardo Guazzoni – Mariangela Scivolo – Graziana Diani- Donato Campanaro e Elena Bruno – Renza Aimone Querio – Daniele Caporaletti – Loredana Priotto – Anna Molteni-Carlo Lorini and their holistic centre customers -Ingrid Sakar -Silvia Bucci-Alberto Camusso- Alessandro Camusso-Amici di Giorgia –
Project deadline: December

Back to life in Tigray

On November 3rd last, a peace agreement was signed in Pretoria between the Ethiopian Government and TOLP (Tigray People Liberation Front) following a war that lasted two years. However, the situation in the Region is still rather complicated due to not completely pulling out of the Eritrean soldiers.

During two years, all communications were cut entirely: the war caused over  600.000 casualties, and 2.700.000 people  (DP) were obliged to leave their homes; currently, 5.000.000 individuals depend on food assistance.

Humanitarian aid, electricity and water supply, internet and bank services were cut during the war. More than 120.000 women and girls have been abused, and 1.700.000 students could not attend any school for three years.

All market prices have been more than duplicated, and people cannot afford basic life requirements. Most hospitals have been destroyed or loathed; no medical care can be adequately assured today. All of the above is under the complete silence of the International media since the wars in Africa have no specific attention where there is no economic interest.

The Butterfly Foundation intends to support these people per the priorities indicated by our local partners.

A donation of €.4.850 will allow the complete rehabilitation of dry or damaged water well and approx. Five hundred people will be able to have access to potable water near their villages. The long war caused a consistent increase in the materials’ costs.

The following is a list of water wells to be urgently rehabilitated due to the dire situation of the people:

Subah Saesie district:

  1.  May Tina water well
  2.  Hidmo water well
  3. Kuluam water well
  4. Ela water well
  5. Gudil water well
  6. May Menk water well
  7. Ketin Gogol water well
  8. Meriet Meklit water well

Gulomekada district:

  1. Rubadel water well
  2. Gerew water well
  3. Adile’ water well


Butterfly onlus Bank account:

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