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The non-profit organisation Butterfly Foundation was created in 2002 by Claudio Maneri, a father who decided to change his life priorities, following the loss of one daughter. Claudio’s goal is to transform the pain of a father into love for people struggling for their own survival.

On January 22nd 2004, the foundation was registered as ‘non-profit organisation’ in Italy and the ‘Butterfly’, chosen as the symbol of this process of transformation, quickly took off on a journey of love, guided by invisible hands.

Despite the large number of projects carried out, the foundation is made up of a few people, with the precise intention of keeping the management costs to the minimum. Claudio, architect and writer, has always held the role of president and legal representative of the foundation, while his daughter Coralie, a professional photographer, is responsible for communication. Silvana, together with Paola, take care of the administration and Guido of the promotion.

The Butterfly foundation’s real strength registered as a non-profit organization since 2004; however, it consists of an infinite number of donors, who have become friends over time; all extraordinary people who felt in tune with this project and allowed this butterfly to fly higher and higher.

President of Fondazione Butterfly onlus
Claudio Maneri

A Butterfly bringing water and hope (ita)

A travel on the road in the remotest and barren Ethipian regions together with the Butterfly Foundation, which realizes wells and boundary schools. We arrive with the president Claudio Maneri and his daughter Coralie to the villages celebrating the new wells. Through their accounts we discover the backstage of each project and also a touching personal experience: the story of Claudio who, after his daughter’s premature death, decided to create “Butterfly”, a symbol of transformation of pain into love to the poorest. We meet up also with Kidane, a young Ethiopian girl who, after many vicissitudes, can hope today in a better future thanks to Claudio who managed getting her operated in Italy, where our journey ends.

“Building Love” is a documentary series focused on the testimonies of humanitarian missions around the world, which were born with the desire to create something for the sake of others, in other words, to “build Love”.  Costruir Amor” full movie (ita version): a Studio3TV/ Sydonia entertainment prodocution.

Life continues

Many parents who have lost their children and decided to build a well of water or dedicate a classroom to that soul that came home prematurely have perhaps managed to give back meaning to their lives or at least to start living again.

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 “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”

 Rabindranath Tagore