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Our Mission

Over the years, the Foundation has fought to meet underdeveloped regions immediate needs to lay the bases for self-sustained growth. The main intervention areas are access to water, access to education, health care, and remote support families and children in need.



Water is the founding element of life, and in some parts of Ethiopia, people still struggle to access it daily. Since 2003, the Butterfly Foundation funded and built almost 300 water wells, mainly in Tigray region in Ethiopia, securing access to clean water for almost one hundred thousand natives.

Primary beneficiaries of these interventions are women, as they are traditionally in charge of providing water to their families and children, as their health is most vulnerable to unclean water.


The second area of intervention is education. In some parts of the world, the opportunity to attend school is still considered a luxury.

Building primary and secondary schools can make a difference in children’s lives by giving them the possibility of building a better future for themselves and their communities. As of 2018, Butterfly Foundation has developed over 40 ‘Schools without Borders’ in Nepal, Myanmar, Madagascar and Ethiopia. These institutions strive to promote the value of education beyond ideological, territorial, or religious barriers and aim at establishing a learning culture in the local communities.

The Foundation and Ethiopia’s education system 

03Health care

People in third-world countries often have to walk for days to access healthcare. In 2013, Butterfly Foundation upgraded an existing warehouse in Mokonissa, Ethiopia, and built a Health Care Centre. The facility assists over 25.000 disadvantaged people living in the area, offering primary health care and assistance during child delivery. Right next to the hospital, a guest house is available to foreign doctors willing to train local staff.

 A dispensary is presently under construction on the island of Nosy Be, Madagascar.


We sincerely believe that today, following the existing high competitiveness in the business world, companies should consider a sound Corporate Social Responsibility as a priority to evidence their attention to solidarity by granting financial support to sound actions.
We intend to thank primary concerns such as Gruppo ArcaHera S.p.a. and Sanuslife  for the trust given to our Foundation as an operational instrument for the implementation of charity projects.

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A growing child can change the world and, helping a growing child means helping the world