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In Ethiopia, access to clean drinking water is extremely problematic. Diseases linked to intestinal infections are strongly related to this and tend to affect the most vulnerable such as children, old men and women. With the development of a well in Tigray, 500/700 people have been given the opportunity to resolve a major problem.

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Today we are convinced that our attention should be focused on children and young people who represent the future of humanity. Therefore, we would like to gather the economic resources necessary to design and build schools in the developing world, where children are often treated as an underpaid workforce and are therefore exploited.

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Sanitary conditions in Ethiopia are very poor because of the extreme poverty of the country which, as a direct consequence, sees severe problems with hygiene. We intend to intervene, therefore, not only to make healthcare available to treat these diseases, but also to ensure adequate training about minimum standards of hygiene.

Projects to be funded

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Emergency in Tigray

Ethiopia and the Tigray Region are at war. We rely upon all our past and future donors’ generosity and look forward to any support that we will be fully responsible for making available to all people and in need. It might be a matter of life or death for many of them.

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Albatros project

The ALBATROS project intends to offer to six of our young men, obliged to leave our residential and educational structures, the opportunity to have a roof at least for 12 months, up to the moment they will be able to work and sustain themselves.

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Water emergency

Daba Koma cistern

DABA KOMA is one of the region’s highest mountains, and the entire project area lacks any groundwater source. People suffering from such a situation asked our foundation to support constructing a concrete cistern for potable water to be collected for domestic and animal use.

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Water emergency

Keyah Kinfe water well

A water well, completely dry for several years, will be rehabilitated at the village of KEYAH KINFE, Tsaeda Emba district in Tigray region, Ethiopia, thanks to the funds made available by the Zorzetto family. The well will be dedicated to Alpini Veneto Team and will be officially opened in June 2021.

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Water emergency

Potable water at Dara

The project intends to implement four water distribution points for the domestic, animal, and sanitary use, the extension of additional 600 meters of PVC pipes replacing the existing 100 meters of existing lines, and Water & Sanitation training for the future management of the spring water.

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Health care

Dispensary at Nosy Be

Our friends Renato and Daniela Collodoro  and their customers will be the donors of this dispensary, as they have already been in the past, allowing the implementation of several projects in Ethiopia, in the frame of their “charity hosting” at

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Donate a school bench in Ethiopia

By the end of the year, we intend to furnish three additional classrooms of primary and secondary rural schools of Tigray Region, following their request’s priorities.
The amount of €.1.500  will cover the cost and transportation of the requested benches for each classroom to be furnished.

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Solar workshop in Kafna

Most rural schools in the region of Tigray, in Ethiopia, don’t have access to electric power, water, lavatories, furniture and school supplies such as pens, exercise books and texts, the fundamental and necessary tools in the educational process. It’s not uncommon to see teachers giving lessons open-air or among stone walls with children sitting on the floor.

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Think about a Bequest

A charitable bequest can change the life of many children and give them the opportunity of a better life.

Filippo Leandro Benvenuti, before passing away, decided to donate his fortune to Butterfly charity foundation, to become an instrument for giving water and education to people in need; our responsibility has been the one to honour his generosity and memory trying to make the best possible use of the funds he did not need anymore!

5 x 1000 devolution

Your help is a great value!

“There are many opportunities to help others, even at home! We believe that every human being should follow their heart and be aware of being part of the world. It is said that ‘when butterflies flap their wings in Asia, they stir up a breeze in America’. Love has no boundaries. We have decided to take care of the future of children who have no opportunity to go to school, and people who find it difficult to survive due to a lack of water in poorer countries. If you want to follow the flight of this butterfly, know that is supported by love and great determination.”


Claudio Maneri

Fondazione Butterfly onlus


Rural school realized


Water wells drilled


Clinics ed health post donated

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