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New classrooms at Kibidaga school

The project is intended to respond to the urgent need of two additional classrooms at Kibidaga school, in  Afar Region, Ethiopia

Financing rate:



€ 57.550,00
Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 200 students in two shifts
Project funding: Fundable
Project deadline: June

New classrooms at Kibidaga school

Location: Meawo (Subdistrict) in Dalol Woreda of Zone 2, Afar Region, Ethiopia

According to UNICEF (April 2022) report, the school enrolment rates in Afar are among the lowest in the country. The Net Enrolment Ratio (NER) for pre-primary education in Afar was the second lowest in the country at 5.8 per cent; the NER for primary schools was 46 per cent, and the NER for Grades 9 and 10 at 6 per cent, and Grades 11 and 12 at 2 per cent in secondary school are the lowest in the country. The Gender Parity Index (GPI) for Afar primary schools is 0.87, meaning more boys are enrolled than girls. Moreover, those children who attend school often fail to acquire basic skills, such as literacy and numeracy, due to unskilled teachers,Irrelevant curriculum and inadequate learning materials.

The project site (Meawo Tabias) is located in the farthest place from the capital city of Afar Regional state, and the social support services like education it receives from the region are the lowest due to its distance and the limited capacity of the regional government. Even though Meawo Tabia of Dalol District is one of the disadvantaged sub-districts of the required social services from its region due to its distant location, it is well-connected economically to Tigray Region markets and has the opportunity to serve as an entry point in improving the peace-building process that was disturbed due to the two-year-long war in Tigray Region.

The school before our costruction..

This area is also located in the geographic operation of the Tigray region and Zone Two of the Afar regional state. The community residing in the described project area is requesting our Foundation to improve education and solve the existing WASH problems. We are therefore asked to respond to the community’s requests and take this opportunity to speed up the solution to the community’s social problem. The local community’s priority request is to build two additional duly furnished classrooms based on the increase in student numbers.

Kibidaga School, Afar region, 2019

The Butterfly Foundation supported the local community by constructing a water well in 2013, the Kibidaga school in 2015, and two additional classrooms in 2019.

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