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Donate a School Bench

On May 3rd 2023, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education re-opened all schools located in the Tigray region.  We have been requested to provide funds for the manufacture and delivery of school benches being the same looted during the war.

Financing rate:


€ 1.650,00


€ 81.600,00
Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 1632 students
Project funding: Fundable
Donor: Friends of Anna & Biagio for their golden wedding – Ingrid Sakar – Renza Aimone Querio -Valentina Scala – Piccolo Oscar – Pizzighello G –
Project deadline: October

Donate a School Bench

On May 3rd, 2023, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education reopened all the schools based in the Tigray region.

All the schools in the region were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years of war started in November 2020 and finished last November 2022, thanks to the peace agreement between the parties in Pretoria. 1.700.000 students were therefore obliged to miss classes for a period exceeding three years, compromising their already low level of education.

During the war, schools and health facilities were the primary targets of the enemy and, at the same time, shelter for thousands of displaced people.

Our local partner desperately requests funds to manufacture and deliver the looted school benches to help these children, who are obliged to follow the lessons sitting on the floor. During our recent trip to Ethiopia, we visited some schools. We are in a position to confirm that the request for school benches is desperate, and the need to act immediately is real. Therefore, we beg all our good-hearted friends and supporters to enable our action.

We should never forget that children are the future of our planet and that a good education is the foundation for their future lives.

A donation of  €. 150,00 will enable three students to sit on a school bench.

In our last mission, we were asked to supply 544 benches for a total of 1,632 children distributed as follows:

  • Bukot school: 64 benches
  • Ketin Ruba school: 60 benches
  • Mitswa Karsa school: 90 benches
  • Hangoda school: 140 benches
  • Kedena school: 40 benches
  • Sephay school: 120 benches
  • Daya school: 30 benches

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