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Kiten Ruba water well

A dry-water well has finally been rehabilitated at Kiten Ruba, Genta Afeshum district, Tigray Region, Ethiopia.

Financing rate:



Level of completion: Concluded
Number of beneficiaries: 600 people approx.
Project funding: Financed
Well Depth: 48 metres
Donor: Fabio and Giulia Divino –
Project deadline: February

Kiten Ruba water well

As part of the “Donate the Water” scheme, which has been made possible through the partnership established between Butterfly Foundation and ECC-SDOAd-B (Catholic Association of Adigrat), several water-related projects are presently under progress in the Tigray region, North of the country at the border with Eritrea.

The above takes into due account the present dire conditions of the people living in the area obliged to drink out of contaminated water sources together with their animals and the war that lasted two years and caused hundreds of thousands of casualties and displacements.

Thanks to the generosity of Edoardo‘s parents, who recently passed away, the rehabilitation works of the Kiten Ruba water well have been successfully achieved.  The project includes new extended pipes to reach the underground water level, a new hand-operated pump, and due fencing. The well now secures clean and potable water for six hundred people in the surrounding villages.

We are highly thankful to Edoardo’s parents for their generosity and support to needy people in the name of their son.

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