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Sefhay II water well

After the long war, we have been in a position to renovate the water well of Safhay, which was completely dry and out of use.

Financing rate:



Level of completion: Concluded
Number of beneficiaries: 600 people approx.
Project funding: Financed
Well Depth: 65 metres
Donor: Samuel & Aurore Polacco – Alberto Ronconi – Beatrice Capogrosso – Butterfly foundation
Project deadline: February

Sefhay II water well

The Sefhay water well drilled at a 60-metre depth and operated by a hand-driven pump, was opened on February 9yth, 2012, in the Tigray Region Ethiopia. The beneficiaries were 575 people, mainly women, elders and children. Samuel and Magda donated the well, through the Associazione Volontari l’Accoglienza,  as memory of PINO.

Unfortunately, Magda recently passed away as well, following a long disease.

We intended to give back clean water to these people, thanks to the support received by Samuel, Magda’s son, who decided to renew the supply of fresh and potable water to the people of this village.

In the name of all the beneficiaries of this water well, we intend to express our gratitude to all the donors who allowed the implementation of this project.

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