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Student housing at Lalibela

Not far from the town of Lalibela, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Ethiopia, declared as a world heritage site by Unesco, thanks to the beauty of its churches carved from the rocks, there are extremely poor rural communities where parents have no interest at all for the education of their children. It is reported that very young girls are particularly more likely to be victims of sexual offences.

Financing rate:


€ 19.500,00


€ 70.000,00
Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 20 girls
Project funding: Fundable
Donor: Franco Chinellato – Marta Bartolini – Elena (Teddybears crossing borders) – Cristina Campofreddo – PierVincenzo Uleri -“Una scuola per Martina onlus”- Anna Molteni
Project deadline: March

Student housing at Lalibela

Girls 10/12 years old are the privileged victims of abuses of power and often obliged to get married to old men, following the parent’s interests. The villages where they live are several miles away from the closest schools and they have no financial means to rent any facility in town.

Our Foundation decided to support the project submitted by the SORA LODGE RESORT owner, intending to guarantee suitable accommodation and education up to the University level, to 20 poor girls.

A fully furnished building to accommodate these students, canteen, toilet facilities, and workshop is under construction for an estimated €. 100.000,00.
The local Municipality granted free land for the relevant construction works.

The local non-profit association TESFA (HOPE LALIBELA CHILDREN’S SUPPORT ORGANIZATION) will take due care of the project implementation.

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