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Keyih Anafe water well

The third water well  dedicated to Edoardo’s memory is under rehabilitation at the village of  KEYIH ANAFE

Financing rate:



Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 475 people approx.
Project funding: Financed
Well Depth: 50/60 meters
Donor: Fabio & Giulia Divino – Edoardo’s friends
Project deadline: May

Keyih Anafe water well

In the frame of the long-dated partnership between the Butterfly Foundation and ECC-SDOAd-B, several dry water wells damaged during the recent war are presently under rehabilitation to better access to potable water in the Region.

The rehabilitation of the water well of KEYIH ANAFE is presently under progress at Subuha, district of Hadish Hiwot and Municipality of Riesi Dur.

This well is the third one dedicated to the memory of Edoardo Divino, who passed away some time ago.

The well will guarantee fresh and potable water to some 475 people in the area, not including those who will travel from other districts to use it.

Our thanks to Edoardo’s family as well as to all his friends:

Maria Cristina Palombi – Lucia Sansalone – Manuela Mariani e Federica Ruggiero – Filippo Tomassini – Nicola Campisi Frascà – Maddalena Lucibello – Bruno De Stefano- Franco Maggioni – Silvia Condemi – Francesca Lucibello – Gianpiero e Flavio D’Orio – Sandro Boccucci – Anna Peperoni – Flavia Allegrezza

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