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Daya school extension

150 students have been accommodated in three new classrooms at Daya school, dedicated to 1-4 grade of the primary school.  An additional classroom will be delivered in February 2020. Fencing of the compound and 8 latrines have been provided as well.

Financing rate:



Level of completion: Concluded
Number of beneficiaries: 200 bambini
Project funding: Financed
Donor: Alessandro Costa, Alberto Camusso, Flaminia Toccafondi & Giuseppe Izzi, famiglia Bonandin, famiglia Carbonaro, famiglia Troso, Paolo Venti, Gaetano Dammacco, Lidia Daniele & Bruno Calliero, Rosella Cortesi, Mauro Banfi, Loriana e Lorenzo Becatti, Magda Andreoli, famiglia Limiroli, Guido Donati
Project deadline: January

Daya school extension

On November 5th  2019150 students could have finally access to three brand new classrooms thanks to the generosity of several donors.  The first one dedicated to Laura Carbonaro and Marcello Troso; a second one to Andrea Becatti and the third one to Alberto Guruioli.  An additional duly furnished classroom has been financed by our friend Guido Donati, has been completed and officially opened on February 16th 2020. 

Following the opening of the new school, dedicated to the primary cycle of education (Grade 1-4), made of four duly furnished classrooms,  200  children will have an education and a bright future.

Eight-seat latrines have been implemented as well within the school compound.

We thank all our donors for their great generosity!


  • Daya School (2015)
  • Water supply for Daya School (2016)
  • Daya school extension (2020)
  • Kindergarten at Daya school (2020)
  • Daya School water well (waiting to be inaugurated)
  • Library and Teachers room at Daya School (Project under progress)

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