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Daya school water well

A brand new water well, still to be inaugurated, has been drilled at Daya School for the benefit of 600 children. The well has been financed by Renato & Daniela Collodoro.


Financing rate:



Level of completion: Under Progress
Number of beneficiaries: 600 students
Project funding: Financed
Well Depth: 64 metres
Donor: Renato e Daniela Collodoro
Project deadline: December

Daya school water well

Several water-related projects are presently under progress in the Tigray region, North of the country at the border with Eritrea.

The “Donate the Water” scheme has been made possible through the partnership established between Butterfly Charity Foundation and ECC-SDOAd-B (Catholic Association of Adigrat) and Vo l’A association,  to implement several water-related projects. The above, in the frame of following the recent severe drought, the worst since over the last years.

Butterfly foundation, as of 2015, has implemented, at Daya, a small village six miles from Alitena, Irob district, Tigray region, Ethiopia, eight duly furnished classrooms, relevant latrines, a kindergarten, and fencing for the 600 children’s security.

Many children are obliged to walk hours to reach their homes; therefore, filling their small bottles with potable water is an extreme need for all of them.

The financing of this project has been secured by Renato and Daniela Collodoro, owners of  RISTO’ Trattoria, based in Torino, long-dated friends, and donors, have financed this important project through their charity dinners at  their restaurant located in Torino, called RISTO’- La trattoria del buon Mangiare. 



  • Daya School (2015)
  • Water supply for Daya School (2016)
  • Daya school extension (2020)
  • Kindergarten at Daya school (2020)
  • Daya School water well (waiting to be inaugurated)
  • Library and Teachers room at Daya School  (Project under progress)

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